Kristen McNaule Demo Reel 2018

Kristen McNaule is a screenwriter and filmmaker from Ottawa, Canada. Her interest in International Development has taken her to Sierra Leone to produce a documentary about youth entrepreneurship in post-conflict reconstruction and peacebuilding. She believes in cinema as a way to shed light on mental illness, civil rights, and other important social issues. In 2018, her feature script “Alphabet City” was a semi-finalist in Austin Film Festival’s prestigious script competition. Her short films have been official selection at several international film festivals, including “From Sarajevo” which was also acquired for broadcast by CBC.


We wrapped production for our latest short film Lenny, a story about a prisoner of war who befriends a spider to combat the loneliness of isolation. I'm also very happy to announce the script recently advanced to the Semi-Finals of the Screencraft Film Fund competition. 

Have a look at the first teaser trailer

What's with Element 109?

Element 109 on the Periodic Table is Meitnerium, named after groundbreaking Physicist Lise Meitner who helped pave the way for women in science. Unfortunately, she had to spend much of her career escaping Nazi occupied Europe. She also lost popularity among her peers when she spoke out against the scientific community's contributions to the Nazi regime. Her headstone reads "A physicist who never lost her humanity". Element 109 is in honor of Lise Meitner.

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